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Apr 29 Gives Credit Where It’s Due to Designers and Developers

You will discover lots of choices for designers and developers to show off their work, ranging from setting up their own web site to communities for sharing portfolios. takes a simpler approach, establishing what is essentially a whois that associates designers and developers with a given domain name.

Here’s how it operates: appear up a provided domain name, like (the example below), and in case you contributed to its development, click “I worked on this website!” To verify you in reality did function it, asks you to upload a particular HTML file in your site’s root directory. Once confirms the file is there, your name is linked with the website’s profile page.

As you add your name to various web sites, you create up your profile on, which lists all the sites you’ve worked on. There’s also room for a brief bio, a link for your Twitter (Twitter) profile, and a list of any co-workers you’re related with. Being a user, you’ll be able to also “like” a variety of websites, which will generate a link to your profile.

Ultimately, could prove a very good strategy to verify that a developer or designer you’re thinking about hiring truly performs on the internet sites they’ve claimed. Meanwhile, being a user from the web site, adding your portfolio and accumulating fans is another strategy to support assemble your reputation.

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Apr 29

Appcelerator Simplifies iPad App Development

Nowadays Appcelerator launches Titanium Tablet, a platform designed to help Naples Web Design build apps for that iPad. Titanium is usually a free, Apache 2 licensed, cross-platform toolkit that lets web developers use JavaScript, CSS, HTML and scripting languages like Ruby or Python to construct native apps for that iPhone, Android and now the iPad.

Building on the Titanium Mobile item, Titanium Tablet lets developers access all on the iPad’s native features — including user interface elements — without having requiring knowledge of Objective-C or Cocoa.

Check out this video for Titanium Mobile. Despite the fact that it describes Appcelerator’s mobile app development platform, it underlines quite a few on the same factors of the Titanium Tablet item:

The concept of melding JavaScript/CSS3/HTML5 with native application elements and API calls to produce native apps is pretty cool. Though quite a few diverse solutions for cross-platform app progress for any iPhone exist, like Mono Touch, Titanium is unique in its support to the native UI factors, which — let’s face it — are usually what make an iPhone app look and feel like an iPhone app.

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Apr 29

Dribbble: Twitter for Designers

Component image library, element discussion forum and element game, Dribbble is a site by and for designers. Users upload bite-sized perform samples and do a show-and-tell on their latest creations or operates in progress.

The website was in private beta until this past weekend, and Co-founder Dan Cederholm said the website will “likely remain invite-only. Can’t say for certain of course, but for now, absolutely.”

Here’s how Dribbble works: “Players” upload “shots,” or little images around 400 by 300 pixels. Shots are usually smaller segments of a do the job in progress, sketches that require feedback or new versions of previously uploaded shots. Players can tag their shots and comment on them. Tags make for excellent browsing material too, from ampersand inspirations to typography exercises.

Avid gamers can also follow other players, whose perform they can like, tweet, link to or “rebound.” The rebound element operates a bit like Layer Tennis, with game enthusiasts riffing off and visually responding to each other’s function.

All of this fun social functionality is wrapped in a stylish Web 2.0 interface — a should for any website trying to appeal towards the designer crowd.

Proper now, game enthusiasts can upload a maximum of 24 shots each calendar month, although the website states that Dribbble is “thinking about how to award additional shots to members for meritorious behavior.”

If you’re interested in acquiring “drafted” — i.e., you want an invite — maintain an eye on your social graph, the corporation advises on its internet site. “We routinely issue invites to existing members. When this occurs, members typically announce on Twitter that they are trying to find folks to draft. If you’re interested, be sure to have a URL handy to display off some of your do the job.”

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